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869ToGo: Online Ordering and Delivery in St. Kitts

Sweet Sugar City St. Kitts is getting with the times and offering services like never before!


Similar to the well-known and nationally loved ‘Grub Hub’ in the US, 869ToGo will allow hungry Kittitians and Nevisians to get their fix! Whether it’s something as simple as a burger or a bit more fancy like creme brûlée, customers will have the opportunity to order their favorite food from their favorite restaurants in the comfort of their home or office (but for many of us, our office is our home)- all that’s needed is a mobile phone or computer!



And guess what? It takes less than 2 mins to place your order!

No calling. No driving. No waiting in line… Just food! Wanna know something else? Food can also be delivered straight to your doorstep! About time, right?!

Talk about convenience!

You also have the option to track your delivery, so you know exactly where it is every step of the way!


You can even be rewarded for ordering online. There’s almost always online discounts for your favorite restaurants right around the corner. It’s hard NOT to use 869ToGo.


Life is hectic, so why not take advantage! Save time and energy and enjoy all the great food from your favorite restaurants HASSLE FREE courtesy of your friends at 869ToGo.