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Akon Lighting Africa With Solar Powered Initiative

Akon Lighting Africa With Solar Powered Initiative

Well talk about giving back!

When superstar Akon is not singing or producing, he’s busy giving back to people of his home nation- Africa.

Senegalese-America pop singer Akon whose initiative named Akon Lighting Africa that aims to provide electricity to 600 million Africans who live without it, announced to launch of a new “Solar Academy” for the people of Africa.

The institution which will train African engineers and entrepreneurs with skills needed to develop solar-powered electricity systems and micro grids is scheduled to open this summer in Bamako, Mali.

In Africa, there are 320 days of sun, therefore harnessing solar energy is ideal for providing electricity for the millions living without it.

The group announced the launch of the academy at the second United Nations Sustainable Energy from All Forum in New York last week, in support of the UN’s sustainable development goals (SDG’s) and Post 2015 Agenda.

“We expect the Africans who graduate from this center to devise new, innovative, technical solutions,” said Thione Niang, one of the cofounders of the initiative . “With this academy, we can capitalize on Akon Lighting Africa and go further.” Samba Baithily co-founder of Akon Lighting Africa.