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Bingo Sunday at The Royal Beach Casino

Bingo Sunday at The Royal Beach Casino

Expect a lot of activity at the Royal Beach Casino this Sunday, because… let’s be real.. who doesn’t love a good game of bingo? You probably learned how to play as a child, but the thrill of shouting “BINGO” doesn’t stop in grade school. This game is loved even far beyond the millennial age and because of this, bingo is the largest game in the world! Who knew?!

The thrill of winning is addictive and everyone has their own recipe for success. Some believe it’s luck, while others believe it lies in certain strategies. Regardless of the many “recipes of success”, we all have to follow basic rules and etiquette in order to reign supreme.

Here’s a couple things you should have if you’re thinking about playing Bingo this Sunday:



Players must buy cardboard cards or disposable sheets printed with one or more card faces. (These can be bought inside the Casino.)


A Booklet


These are a number of different colored cards gummed together. Booklets are needed for multiple games. For example, if there are 6 games, a 6 Game booklet will be needed and each game will use a different color card. (These will also be found at the Casino.)





When a number is called and a bingo player has that number, the player would mark it with a token, chip or dauber- a special pen-like ink stamper. (Markers will be found at the Casino, but many invest in their own.)

Last but definitely not least..



 You need to be quick, fam! Listen attentively, find those numbers and lay down those markers. If you realize you had bingo with a previous number and the caller already moved on to the next number, your ‘BINGO’ is invalid. Which is why you can’t be sluggish. When you have bingo- SAY IT. Sometimes the stakes are high, so there isn’t any time for lollygagging!

Now that you practically have down the “basics”. Try and show off your Bingo skills this Sunday at the Royal Beach Casino.

P.s. If you win, cut your lovely Carib.buzz team 5% for the coaching and pep talk 😉