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CPL – C.ricket P.layed L.ouder

CPL – C.ricket P.layed L.ouder

It’s the biggest party in Sport! It really is!  Cricket has been transformed from the traditional overs upon overs, upon overs (boring) to a fast-paced, high energy, exciting sport with the emergence of the ever popular “T 20” version of cricket.

What is T-20 and why it makes for a good time?  In a Twenty20 game the two teams have single innings each, restricted to a maximum of 20 overs.


Therefore a typical Twenty-20 game is completed in about three hours, with each innings lasting around 75–90 minutes and a 10–20-minute interval. This is much shorter than previously-existing forms of the game, and is closer to the time-span of other popular team sports.  This is much more spectator friendly and creates lots of hype and oh yes, BUZZ!

red steelSo what happens when you bring this tournament to the Caribbean?  Well it’s the excitement of T20 and Carnival like atmosphere – the ultimate party in sport.  What is happening now, is that there is now an increasing interest in Cricket and for those still not interesting in the sport, it doesn’t really matter because they can party heart for a couple hours.

Warner Park Stadium

Everything about this equation is right.  For the Caribbean it’s a injection into the economy during the summer months where there is a typical drop in travelers for the tourist off-season. Entertainment wise, it’s another thing to do.  Then of course, it’s an opportunity for international cricketers as well as Caribbean players to show off their skillets while unifying the Caribbean in the game that we all love!

CPL is for everyone.  The Party Animal, the sports enthusiast, the rum sponge, the dance and definitely apt for a family fun day out.

Find us in the Party Stands this year for CPL T20 – Cricket Player Louder!