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How To Dress For A Dinner Date


Now, going out on a Romantic date can be one of the most exciting and magical experiences! However, it can also be one of the most nerve wracking, stress inducing, anxiety building and plain out terrifying activities as well! And deciding on what to wear- especially if its someone you are just getting to know, can be just as daunting.

But we here at Carib Buzz love you guys so much and want to get you as prepared as possible to charm your potential mate and sweep him or her off their feet, so we decided to give a little advice as to What To Wear To A Dinner Date.

1. Dress for the occasion!

When going on a date it is very important to know the venue of the date is going to be (unless its a surprise of course). You don’t want to end up in your new sparkling diamond covered heels, or your perfectly seamed down dress trousers to go on a hike through the woods.

Know where you’re going so that can ably dress appropriately.


2. Wear something that you are comfortable in.

Going on a date with someone who you are just getting to know can be uncomfortable enough! And more times than not, if you are in an outfit than makes you uncomfortable, your date is going to notice. Ensure that you are dressed in something that totally allows you to be comfortable. This is not an invitation to wear sweats and an old T (unless the location of the date warrants that- ‘Netflix and chill), but do ensure that your outfit doesn’t hinder you from being yourself.


3. Pay attention to personal hygiene!

Take a shower! You may think that we didn’t have to mention it, but oh yes we do. Brush your teeth. Clip and clean your nails (ladies no missing nail tips nor falling apart paint jobs please, and guys, long nails are a MEGA turn off! EEEK!). Comb your hair. Trim your beard (females you too). Wear clean clothes. Being clean is essential in creating a good impression.

*Bonus: its always a good idea to walk with extra breath mints just in case you begin to feel a little insecure about your breath.


4. Be Unique and Expressive

Now this one can be a bit tricky because you don’t want to be too much and scare your date. Try using small statement pieces that show your personal sense of style! That can be from your favorite blue chandelier earrings, to your favorite green stripped tie. Wear something that expresses who you are and makes you memorable.


5. Focus on your best features and wear something that flatters them.

Even though your personality should be the main feature, it is always good to impress your date with your physical features as well. Wear a color that brings out the glow in your skin tone. If you have strong toned arms, show them off with a short close fighting button up shirt. For the females, if you think your legs are one of you better physical features, don’t be afraid to pull out that sexy short skirt. Emphasis your good features without being overwhelming.


6. Avoid being “overscented”.

There’s nothing sexier than a man who smells great, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to smell nice. However, be mindful that your perfume preference may not necessarily be the same of your date. Use the fragrance of your choice sparingly to avoid overwhelming the other person. It might actually add sexy points if they actually have to come in close to really get a good whif of your fragrance.


7. Smile!

Smile! Laugh! Giggle! (when its appropriate)Eventhough it might feel as stressful as an exam, its Not! The intention is to have a good time so lossen up a little. A smile is fitting for any date setting and lets your dad know that you’re enjoying the time you guys are spending together. It is also a very attractive feature that lingers. Show those pearluy whites!