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ICCS vs. SKNAAA – This is Going to get Hot!

ICCS vs. SKNAAA – This is Going to get Hot!

Wow!  This looks like something that’s going to get hot!

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Help End The Discrimination Against TWO talented youngsters.
As many of you know, I have been around the region for the past 24 years and made good friends at all levels everywhere. Last year a group of young St Kitts and Nevis (SKN) athletes came to TNT and I was impressed by their sheer talent. It seems that the Athletics Association in their country wants to keep them down and are discriminating against them. I saw this in the SKN media. “HOPES OF VERY PROMISING YOUNG ATHLETES UNACCOUNTABLY DASHED: Discrimination by Athletics Association.” It turned out to be about two of the kids who starred for their country. They are being blocked by a guy named Jeffers who is using his power on the National Amateur Athletics Association (SKNAAA) to keep them from running in their age group against all the other U14 boys in primary and secondary schools. It leads me to wonder whether Jeffers is involved in coaching a Secondary School and does not want the little boys to beat them. He is supported by another SKNAAA honcho, Corneil Daniel, who is also discriminating against the two little boys and the school they belong to, a Catholic-run combined Primary and Secondary School. He too might have a link to some other school.
I hate discrimination in any form, fashion or place and this gets to me because these kids are really good and they need to punch above their weight class if they are to get ahead. The story follows but if you agree, please share this, especially to people you know in St Kitts or Nevis or in other Caribbean countries. Jeffers is rigging the games to suit himself and using his power to frustrate two little boys who want to show their people how good they are.
The story goes, “Two young men who desperately want to represent their school in the forthcoming TDC Interschool Championships are wondering why the St. Kitts and Nevis Amateur Athletics Association (SKNAAA) appear to be discriminating against them and punishing them for their precocious talent and ability.
Rafique Morson and William Sharpe are students of the Immaculate Conception Catholic School (ICCS), a legendary all-age educational institution in the Federation which offers both Primary and Secondary Education. The boys will both be 12 years old in June this year, 2016, and qualify in no uncertain terms for the Under 14 category of the Championship, the rules of which state that it is open to athletes from participating schools who are “as of 3Ist December, 2016 students born 2003 to 2005 (i.e. students ages 11, 12 and 13)”. To further solidify their case the ICCS received a copy of the TDC Championship Technical Bulletin addressed specifically “TO: PARTICIPATING SCHOOLS.” Additionally, while the organisers now ignore the fact that ICCS is both a Primary and Secondary School, and claim the TDC Championships are open to Secondary Schools only, the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College, a Tertiary institution, continues to participate in the event.
The two youngsters are hoping that they will be allowed to show their mettle in their home country as they did last year in Trinidad and Antigua where they starred in regional athletic meetings. What they don’t understand, and nobody else does either, is why the SKNAAA are taking this illogical, unjust and “wrong-and-strong” attitude to punish two little boys whose vision is to be like Kim Collins and represent their country in the Olympics.
The school’s officials and parents are not commenting at this stage because they hope that good sense will prevail. However, they question the explanation given by the SKNAAA who claim that it is not a good idea for primary schools students to compete against secondary school students completely ignoring the fact that (as set out in the Technical Bulletin as issues by the SKNAAA) this is an age-group competition. Most successful athletes consider this arrant nonsense and point to their own careers which were helped by their “punching above their weight class”. They too see it as having some ulterior or illogical motive, perhaps even discrimination against the ICCS.
For the boys who have no sense of the underlying and still undisclosed issue or issues that will hurt them so badly, it is an extremely anxious period and while they continue to train they are dispirited and downcast. All they are justifiably and rightly asking to do is to perform in their qualifying age group as set by the SKNAAA itself and show their country how good they are and the potential they undoubtedly have.