Home Buzz “IT BORING.”, St.Kitts-Nevis Representative At Miss Regal International Pageant

“IT BORING.”, St.Kitts-Nevis Representative At Miss Regal International Pageant


According to sources, when asked to state one fun fact about St. Kitts-Nevis, Miss Vashina Bolus who is representing the twin island federation in the Miss Regal International pageant replied, “It Boring.”

Miss Bolus is presently in Antigua participating in the first ever Miss Regal International. The pageant, which is already in full swing, will run for 27 days and boasts of having countries represented from around the globe. With over 50 contestants, Miss Regal International may prove to be one of the biggest pageants of the region.

To date, Carib Buzz has not yet been able to locate the actual footage of the incident, and, it is rumored that it was asked to be removed from the internet by the pageant director of St. Kitts-Nevis. However, several individuals throughout the region shared their views of shock and embarrassment as they watched what was a live steaming.

I mean, we do know that St. Kitts-Nevis has a quiet charm at times, but boring?! FAR FROM! We are actually just catching our breaths from some of the most exciting events ever! Cricket AND our world class Music Festival all sandwiched together! And now, we welcome Culturama! So boring..? Never dat! And let’s not even get into the construction of that sentence. YIKES!

Perhaps chaperones should not only prepare their contestants for questions on the pageant night but also for general questions that would arise in one’s day to day going as an island ambassador.

Nonetheless, we do wish Miss Bolus all the best in her remaining days at Miss Regal Int. And we do trust that she will recover from this little slip up and make St. Kitts-Nevis proud!