Home Buzz JLo twerks to Rihanna’s “Work”

JLo twerks to Rihanna’s “Work”

JLo twerks to Rihanna’s “Work”

Rihanna’s hit “Work” has been circulation for a while now and we all  can agree that it’s pretty dope. Honestly,.. who could resist that steady tempo and beat? NOT JLO. That’s who.

Jenny from the block was featured on Jimmy Fallon’s Skit “EW” last Wednesday, where she played Gabby, Sara’s BFF (“And if you’re wondering, that’s S-A-R-A, with no H, because H’s are ew!”). During the skit, the two show of their talent. Right before JLO’s turn, she admits “she’s really shy” right before she breaks it down! Shy? Yah right?! Not with those moves!

Here’s a clip from the skit: