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Lebron James Gives Back To Students Of His Hometown

Lebron James Gives Back To Students Of His Hometown
Miami Heat's LeBron James greets a young fan while on the way to an interview at his foundation's second annual "I Promise Family Reunion," Saturday, Aug. 10, 2013, in Akron, Ohio. The LeBron James Family Foundation event has evolved from a bike giveaway to an education initiative that includes nearly 700 students. (AP Photo/Akron Beacon Journal, Phil Masturzo)

Cavaliers superstar LeBron James is giving back to the challenged kids of his hometown Akron, and in a very tangible way.

The basketball superstar has partnered with the University of Akron to give four-year scholarships to any child who completes his “I Promise” campaign.

To the students who qualify for the scholarship, a commitment of an annual tuition of $9,500, which equals to  $38,000 overall, is guaranteed. There are currently 1,100 kids in the program, with numbers expecting to double in the next four years.

“It’s the reason I do what I do,” said James, who announced the launch of the program on Thursday while hosting an event for the students at Cedar Amusement Park. “These students have big dreams, and I’m happy to do everything I can to help them get there. They’re going to have to earn it, but I’m excited to see what these kids can accomplish knowing that college is in their futures.”

The criteria for the scholarship are still to be determined and announced, however the possible recipients will be expected to be exemplary students and reach certain grade point averages, as well as graduate from a Akron public high school. The LeBron James Family Foundation is going to work with the university over the next five years to raise the money needed for the inaugural class, entering in 2021.