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Marshall’s: Some Come Just For The Views

Marshall’s: Some Come Just For The Views

For some restaurants, the experience happens whenever you receive your first meal, but for others, it’s as soon you reach the turf.

Marshall’s restaurant has a captivating presence from the moment you step foot on the premises ’til the moment you “awaken” from your slumber (yes- it’s THAT beautiful. You’ll swear you were dreaming!).


If you’ve ever been to Marshall’s, you know what I mean when I say that EVERYONE is absolutely blown away by the emerald trees and lush vegetation surrounding the highly recommended and self proclaimed restaurant.


There are many aspects that are visually pleasing when it come to Marshall’s, but the winner would have to be… none other than… *drumroll* the sunsets! Yes, overlooking the sea is amazing in the early evening and yes, the moon is just so beautifully positioned to point where it actually wouldn’t be foolish for some to assume that the establishment signed a contract with the moon itself to have such a view. However, nothing beats the luminescent colors gently flashing over this beauty we call earth.


Don’t get me wrong. I’m by no means knocking their food- it’s Delicioussssss (with a capital ‘D and multiple ‘s’s) and it’s actually just as beautiful as the scenery. However, nothing beats the combination of having a delicious meal with the person you love while gazing at a killer view.


The scenery is simply breathtaking; and this, my friends, is why some come just for the views.