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Movie Review: Hot Pursuit!


If you’re out looking for a flick that will have you ROTFLing (Rolling on the Floor Laughing) this just may not be the movie you’d want to see…

In “Hot Pursuit” Reese Witherspoon acts as an uptight, by-the-book cop who was given the task of her carrier when she was asked to transport a Mexican drug boss and his fiery wife (played by Sofía Vergara) to Dallas to testify against a mafia head in a high profile drug case. In a unexpected change of events Witherspoon and Vergara end up being fugitives, feverishly dashing through Texas.

With comedy divas such as Witherspoon and Vergara (we absolutely love her in Modern Family) starring in this film, we just expected more- a lot more!

The storyline seemed like something we had seen a million times.