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Movie Review: The Perfect Guy

Movie Review: The Perfect Guy

Apparently, most of the female species around my age group and older, seemed to have watched this movie and are RAVING over it.

And mind you, unless I’m going through a breakup and just need a good ole cry, I’m just not the “chick flick” type of gal. The overly fictional mushiness is…uhmmmm… just not my kinda thing. But this one claimed to be more of a Thriller, so I was like “Heck, its Friday night. I’m just gonna stay in and watch Netflix anyway.” So I got all dressed up and headed out the door.

So let get into the movie…

If you are over the age of 12, you would have probably seen this movie quite a few times: Girl mets guy. Guy seems to be best thing on God’s green earth, until she notices he’s mega jealous. Girl breaks up with guy. Guy turns into a super obsessed bipolar stalker who obviously isn’t too happy about the breakup. Then you add the generic ironic title “The Perfect Guy” and there you have it. Trust me, at my age, I’ve seen this movie about 857 times to be exact.

The stunning Sanaa Lathan plays a successful and driven business executive by the name of  Leah. Leah and her boyfriend, Dave ( played by sexual chocolate Morris Chestnut), seem to enjoy a rather blissful relationship. That is, until the Dave shows his amazing father skills at a paty they both attend and that reminds Leah of her thirst for a more serious commitment- a famiily. And when posed with an ultimatum, Dave declines, thus breaking up the relationship of 2 years.


At a casual day heading to work she bumps into a stunningly handsome stranger at a coffee shop, who gets her all distracted when he offers up his iced latte to a woman who seems to be running a bit late. A couple of weeks later he magically shows up again, this time rescuing Leah from rude drunk hitting on her at a bar. This angel faced hunk introduces himself as Carter (Michael Ealy), and by a struck of luck, her planned meeting gets cancelled and this becomes their first date.

Carter soon (and expectedly) lives up to the movie title, when we discover that he’s not only handsome, but attentive, thoughtful, charming, great with her friends and parents and not to mention-a sex gocarterdance

But this euphoria is short lived when he unexpectedly beats a stranger to near death at a gas station for simply talking to Leah. This sheds a new light on what was thought to be “The Perfect Guy” and Leah opts to speedily end the relationship.  When she breaks the news to Carter, he is all but delighted and shows a glimpse of his hidden raging phsyco personality. cart

Sounds familiar yet? Yes, I know. And from there on you can almost predict this movie play for play. Leah despreately seeks help from her friends then goes in to the police when she notices Carter has started stalking her and harrassing her with incessant text messages and phone calls.  Not even a restraining order helps to extinquish his obsession, and because of his professional background in corporate espionage, he easily breaks into her home, hacks her phone and computer, installs hidden video cameras and even kidnaps her beloved cat.


After being bombarded with continious harrassment and plain out terror, and with no satisfaction from Law Enforcement, Leah decides to take matters into her own hands and faces her deranged lover head on.

Other than having a cast of super talented, not to mention drop dead gorgeous big names, The Perfect Guy resembles a Lifetime movie. The overqualified cast struggle to display their stellar talents with a lukewarm script and the movie comes up short on creativity and originality.

So sorry girls, but I give this movie a solid 5/10!