Home Buzz Spice’s Performance At Rio Athletes Reception Causes Stir

Spice’s Performance At Rio Athletes Reception Causes Stir

Spice’s Performance At Rio Athletes Reception Causes Stir

Spice’s spicy performance at the Rio Athletes reception in Jamaica left lots of the audience fidgeting uncomfortably with confused looks on their faces, and was nothing short of totally awkward.



The entertainer, who is famous for her raunchy lyrics and provocative outfits, took the stage singing her Panda remix in a curve hugging, partly see-through black number. The dancehall diva then proceeded to sing a clean version (if that is even possible) of A so me like it. Yes. “You knore me good good!” And while some of the crowd could not maintain their stush up-town persona, others, like prime minister Andrew Holness, Governor General Sir Patrick Allen and other dignitaries sat in silence, while others snickered and whispered amongst themselves. And being placed right after a well received performance by gospel singer Kevin Downswell, only proved to make the situation even MORE unpleasant.


However, through it all, Spice delivered her “cleaned up” set valiantly and even went acapella after technical staff were unable to play her music for he hit Indicator.

Seeing the unresponsiveness of the audience, Spice took her leave by praising the athletes for there performance in Rio.

And in no time social media went crazy playing the blame game. Many accused the promoters of poorly organizing the event, some even claiming that it was an intentional act bad-mindedness to embarrass the artist. Others said that the crowd was pretentious and described them as “stush” and “upitty”. Meanwhile some blamed Spice herself saying that she should be more versatile and broaden her musical catalogue.

Take a look at her performance here: