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Weird Weightloss Life Hacks

Weird Weightloss Life Hacks

If you’re like me, you’re probably busy working on that *SUMMER BODY*. Pumping that weight in the gym, sweeting through that cardio and skipping out on that extra serving of cake that has been calling your name through the bakery showcase. For me, with the rate I’m at, I’m certain have that banging body in time for summer 2017. Sigh…

But despite what it looks like, I’m still trying. Putting in that work work work work work work. (Not really)

For everyone on the Caribbean, and particularly us in St. Kitts-Nevis, Summer is a BIG DEAL for us! Lots and lots of beach parties and picnics, friends, family, ex’s coming home for school break, not to mention our annual Music Festival, and oh let me not forget St. Kitts’ first ever breakfast fete Breaking Dawn, which is actaully just 3 weeks away. YIKES! Do you feel the pressure?

And let’s face it, everybody wants to look #GOODUP! So because I love you guys sooo much, I’ve decided to share a few weird but helpful (I hope) weightloss hacks!

I’ll be honest, this hacks ALONE probably won’t work. But hey, its worth the try 🙂